Our Solar Guarantee

Who is EcoMen Solar?

Based out of Freehold NJ, EcoMen Solar is committed to providing quality, innovative solar solutions for the residential, commercial, and non-profit markets of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Solar energy systems are not only a logical step forward in the use of responsible energy production but also an effective economic tool to reduce the costly burden of utility bills. As such, our team is focused on bringing the financial and environmental benefits of renewable energy to our clients’ homes, businesses, and organizations.

With decades of experience in construction trades, project management and technology, our team is well suited and well versed to tackle projects of any size and complexity. Our diverse history and portfolio allow us the ability to conquer perhaps the most challenging part of renewable energy… the value proposition. We bring added value to our clients by synergizing our technical and communication skills to foster greater awareness of the solar proposition. Our desire to work closely with stakeholders results in long-term relationships and smoother communication that ultimately leads to greater customer satisfaction.


With over 40 years of experience in the construction and improvement industry we are well positioned to take care of your home or business and ensure a quality and successful installation. We didn’t just walk into the solar industry because it was something modern, we came into the industry in 2011 with decades of construction and customer service experience.

Our team has:

  • 90+ years in Project Management and Customer Relationship Management
  • 75+ years in Construction on both the Residential and Commercial side
  • 35+ years in IT and Engineering
  • Managed well over 2,500 clients over the years
  • Successfully completed projects valued at over $5 million

There are many choices when it comes to solar equipment and design. While we could select the cheapest materials and labor to sell more jobs, we made a firm commitment from day 1 to only install materials we would feel confident living with on our own homes. If we wouldn’t want it, we wouldn’t put it on your home or business.

All our modules carry no less than a 10 year workmanship warranty and 25 year power warranty. We use LG, Canadian Solar, Silfab and Panasonic; all are top-tier, well recognized companies who appear to be positioned for longevity.

As far as inverters go, we have standardized on SolarEdge products. SolarEdge is one of the largest players in the residential through medium commercial spaces. Every SolarEdge system comes with a 25 year warranty on the optimizers and no less than a 12 year warranty on the inverter.


We’re rather blunt here at EcoMen. What is the point of installing solar if it isn’t going to work or produce the value stated in the proposal? There is no point.

This is why all our systems go through a formalized design process to ensure the system will produce what we say it will produce. We then complete an on site evaluation with actual humans to measure the roof and record calculations before the actual permitting process is initiated.

Our office staff is rigidly trained that we do not accept a customer to live with production less than proposed. This is why if we recognize any issues between the proposal and the permitting we ensure the customer is notified and the changes are approved or resolved. We don’t just wing it.

Once it’s time to install, we follow all industry best practices to install the system in a waterproof manner that will provide you with decades of service.

Solar Solutions for New Jersey, New York, and Eastern Pennsylvania