Energy Quiz #2

1. As of September 2017, approximately how many solar projects had been installed in NJ?
2. The amount of solar energy the entirety of New York State receives each day is:
3. What percentage of NJ homes are equipped with natural gas heating?
4. Of the total energy used in the average NJ home, how much is used by space heaters, and air conditioners?
5. How many solar panels would be needed to generate the same amount of power as New Jersey's Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant?
6. How many kilowatt-hours does the average NJ home use each year?
7. If a household dries 3 loads of laundry per week in an average electric clothes dryer, approximately how much energy is used per year by the dryer?
8. Which is true about the energy yield for a pound of coal vs a pound of uranium-235 (the kind used in nuclear reactors)
9. Which is true when comparing nuclear and coal pollution for generating power for 1200 NJ homes for a year?
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