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High Fives of Solar

While going solar can actually be very easy and straightforward, sometimes the way it is explained can make it sound daunting and complex. After many years of going over the ins and outs of solar with our clients we felt having some easy PDFs with simply stated facts would really help spread the message and make things easier to understand.

In our High Fives of Solar we select various topics related to solar and boil them down into bullet points. For some we will also provide a podcast that goes into a bit more detail in our own words.

Solar Financing

Solar Loans have proven to be a fantastic option for those who want to receive all available incentives but would prefer not to pay for the system outright. A Solar Loan offers you 100% of the monetary benefits of solar while keeping your money in the bank.

Solar Leasing

Today there are several financing options for a homeowner going solar. That said, with choice comes questions and it is important to know that there is no right or wrong way to go solar. What is important is to select the option best suited to your personal situation and savings potential. This is what the Solar Specialists at EcoMen Solar will help you with.

You can best sum up the difference between a Solar Lease/PPA and a Solar Loan as the difference between Cost Reduction and Investment Savings. A Solar Lease/PPA lowers your monthly expenses but a Solar Loan invests in your most expensive asset (your home) and provides multiples in terms of personal savings and value.

Solar Incentives

Different incentives apply depending on your state (NJ, NY, PA), your system type (Homeowner, Business Owner, Non Profit), your electric utility company and how you finance the system (Loan, Cash, Lease/PPA). When you request your Free Quote our team will put together the most current set of details for your system and you will be able to see all the incentives your system qualifies for.

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