CPAs and Solar:
Build Your Client’s Wealth


Guide your clients to greater wealth with Federal Tax Credits, NON-TAXABLE Renewable Incentives, and cost avoidance.

Solar works with YOUR client’s goals, so Solar works with YOUR goals.

REDUCE Federal Income Tax with SOLAR Federal Tax Credit: dollar-for-dollar savings that can be used for more important things like retirement.

Reduce Money Paid In Taxes

Purchasing a Solar System gets the client 30% of the Systems Cost back as a Tax Credit.

Increase Value of Assets

NJ Property Tax is unaffected by solar but home values do increase once solar is installed.

Look Out For Client

EcoMen only installs a system if the client is going to save money. No tricks, no gimmicks, just straight talk. It’s how we operate.

Long Term Results

Solar provides savings way past 25 years of use. Rarely does anything deliver that sort of steady value.

Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Back to basics with a simple conversation between two professionals. We have a lot to share and if anything we promise a few good laughs.

Why CPAs Should Partner with Solar

As you are a Trusted Advisor to so many clients (both personal and business), we want to share our own knowledge to become your Trusted Advisor when it comes to how solar can be used to save your clients more money.

Every Dollar Counts

Solar may be about saving cents off each kWh but the resulting savings is serious money. Don’t be fooled by the smaller numbers, its about the quantity over time.

I Promise We Don’t Bite

Is learning something new and helping your clients achieve their financial goals worth 30 minutes of your time? We hope so. We promise to deliver.

Residential – Commercial
NJ – NY – PA

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