Partnering With EcoMen Solar

Why Partner With EcoMen

Benefit from the growing solar industry in the Northeast by referring customers to one of the regions most highly rated solar installers, EcoMen Solar.

We’ll help you understand what types of customers can benefit from solar and which ones can’t. Then you can confidently refer them to us.

When they go solar with our NABCEP-certified team, you help them save money. Then we send you a check for every residential, commercial and non-profit client you send our way who goes solar with us.

Contact us today so we can discuss how working together can benefit everyone.

EcoMen Partner Referral Card

Our Most Common Partner Relationships


Stronger Client Engagement
Thinking outside the box shows the client you are focused on saving them money even if the concept is not a traditional one. Builds trust to maintain relationship.

Additional Referrals for Your Core Business
Clients are generally very satisified when their CPA lowers their taxes. This often leads to more referrals for your core business.

Referral Income
Every time a referral from your firm comes to our firm and moves forward with a system, EcoMen Solar will cut you a check for the partnership of connecting us with your client.

It’s Good to Give Back
In a world of dollars and cents, the environmental benefits of going solar help show your firm is focused on more than just finances.

Let’s Connect So We Can Build Your Client’s Wealth Today.

Roofers, Electricians, Home Services

Whether your core business is roofing, electrical, plumbing, painting, landscaping, HVAC, etc etc.. all of you and us are in the business of improving properties and providing future enjoyment for the owners. Solar provides a significant financial benefit for the owners and is something that lasts for decades.

As a proven and time tested solution, you can be confident your referral will provide value and benefit that increases your business relationships. EcoMen in return provides a referral payment to thank you for connecting us with your already valued client.

In some cases, like roofing, our financing is capable of covering the full cost of your work and solves your problem of how the client will get money to pay for your services.

Real Estate

Our partnerships with Real Estate agents and brokers extends to both new home buyers who want to go solar as well as existing homes with solar that need selling assistance.

Oftentimes an existing homeowner with solar does not maintain their original savings proposal and this is critical to deliver the value statement to an anxious homebuyer. EcoMen Solar can help deliver the valuable explanation of how the system is saving the home money so the deal can proceed.

As for homes without solar, EcoMen Solar has innovated a seamless way to incorporate solar into the purchase of a new home. Our process provides value not only to the homebuyer but to the real estate agent and mortgage company. It’s a win for everyone.

Sales Channels

Are you an enterprising individual or team looking to sell solar full time or part time but don’t have the resources to begin? Our long standing Sales Channel program offers you the ability to sell all our financing products and services on your own time with your own network while relying on the strength of our backend systems to handle the paperwork, financing and installation.

Our agreement clearly outlines the compensation for each sold system and we work with you to ensure your clients receive the best value. This goes for residential, commercial and non-profit projects across our service territory of NJ, NY and PA.

Commercial Financing

EcoMen Solar understands the desires of clients and investors

  • We understand all time lost between financing approval to utility interconnection negatively affects the returns of all parties
  • We understand system downtime negatively affects electrical cost avoidance and SREC generation
  • EcoMen has the ability and drive to work with vendors to find solutions to technical and metering-centric challenges

Investor Friendly Solutions

  • Performance Centric Design and Performance Monitoring Integration
  • Designed from the start to minimize down time and maximize energy harvest
  • Helps ensure the investment quality of systems in the portfolio
Installation Partners

If your company sells solar but needs a partner to install the system, then give us a call. We handle all post-sale activities and can complete all the necessary paperwork to get the system permitted and approved.

Our team is fully licensed and insured and we treat your job just as if it was our own. This means excellent customer service and a quality installation. Your client will be tracked in the same customer management system as our own ensuring their progress does not fall behind.

Service Partners

Do you own or used to own a solar company and no longer have the resources to service your existing clients? Our team has successful serviced hundreds of clients for solar companies that are no longer operating. We have knowledge in all installation types and have extensive experience resolving all sorts of service related matters.

Our team also partners with roofing companies for those clients who had systems installed by other companies and now need a new roof. If sold correctly, the client should not need a new roof for many years after the original installation, but for those who had unidentified issues we know how to resolve them.

Solar Solutions for New Jersey, New York, and Eastern Pennsylvania