Solar For Homeowners

Solar For Homeowners

The industry here in NJ and NY has seen widespread adoption over the last decade and it is great to see all the homes with solar. There are over 90,000 residential homes with solar in NJ and over 80,000 in NY. About 500,000 homes went solar in the United States in 2017.

Going Solar is perhaps one of the most rewarding home improvement projects available today. Sure, you may feel painting the kitchen over or redecorating the bathroom makes more sense, but those are temporary enhancements. Solar is a one time enhancement that sets up your home for a cheaper cost of living and energy savings. You can then use those savings to improve other areas of your home.

While there are significant environmental benefits to solar, let’s be honest here. 99% of homeowners go solar for the money savings and that’s just fine. Either way the environmental benefits are achieved but the immediate impact to a homeowner is financial gain.

For an honest evaluation of your solar options and straightforward talk, give us a call at 732-SOLAR-NJ. We promise to not waste your time and to give you the straight facts about your solar savings.

Ways to Go Solar

Solar as a Service

  • $0 Out of Pocket
  • Immediate Utility Cost Savings
  • Incentives go to Financing Company
  • 20 to 25 Year Term
  • Typically called a Lease or PPA

Solar Loan

  • $0 Out of Pocket
  • Immediate Utility Cost Savings
  • Receive all Incentives
  • 5 to 25 Year Term
  • Much Simpler Than a Bank Loan or Line of Credit

Cash Purchase

  • System Cost Paid by Homeowner
  • Immediate Utility Cost Savings
  • Receive all Incentives
  • Highest Return of All Options

Common Benefits

Receive Savings
System Monitoring
Quality Design and Installation
Industry Standard Module and Inverter Warranties
Protection Against Utility Rate Increases
No Change to How You Use Your Home
Environmental Benefits

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