Go Solar


Going Solar is perhaps one of the most rewarding home improvement projects available today. Sure, you may feel painting the kitchen over or redecorating the bathroom makes more sense, but those are temporary enhancements. Solar is a one time enhancement that sets up your home for a cheaper cost of living and energy savings. You can then use those savings to improve other areas of your home.

Business Owners

Solar systems for commercial properties are an extremely attractive and financially advantageous project. Between Federal, State, and Local incentives, commercial solar systems pay off in as few as 3 years. There is perhaps no better way to save your business money right now and line up decades of savings that can be reinvested elsewhere.

Non-Profit Organizations

One of the most underserved markets for solar across the United States are Non-Profit organizations (NPOs). There are countless NPOs in every state and these are the organizations who could really use savings the most so they can carry out their individual missions.

While the solar conversation for NPOs is no way as simple as for Homeowners and Business Owners, it has gotten easier over the years. It is now possible for us to reduce the total project cost by 15% for all eligible organizations. This means a $300,000 project would cost $255,000, a savings of $45,000.

Solar Solutions for New Jersey, New York, and Eastern Pennsylvania