Social Butterfly Wanting to Save People Money

Part Time Work, Great for Stay At Home Mom’s who are good with Social Media


Our company is looking for motivated individuals to spread the savings of solar to others:
* Powerful, immediate savings with solar
* Time tested product and savings guarantee
* Substantial tax savings for homeowners and business owners
* Local, family business with history of integrity
* Do your part to help the environment

Candidate Qualifications:
* Are you a social butterfly?
* Do you have amazing networking skills?
* Can you convey details with ease and confidence?
* Are you ethical and honest in your conversations with others?
* Are you fluent in English?

If the answer to EVERY one of the above questions is YES, then we’d like to offer you the ability for unlimited financial potential. Great for the holiday season coming up!

Position Outline:
Learn about our product and then communicate the value with those in your network or those you can network with. We do not recommend or support door to door selling nor cold calling. Your efforts will be as an external person referring business to our company. This is not an employee position. For those leads who provide interest, we will need to receive their contact info (through a website link we will provide) as well as a copy of their electric utility bill (can be sent through email). We will tie that lead with your name so your payment can be secured.

When your lead moves forward on a solar system with our company you will be paid $600 for your efforts under the following payment milestones:
* If a CASH project, then $600 once the customer has paid the deposit and submitted/signed all necessary forms to begin the project.
* If a LOAN project, then $300 once the customer has submitted and signed all necessary forms to begin the project, passes credit and Notice To Proceed has been received by the loan company. The remaining $300 will be paid once the system is installed.

What we provide:
Our company has produced dozens of educational assets to explain, discuss and review our product. We offer all you need to share the product information and get people excited. Our website and social media contain multiple ways to convey the benefits of our product, both digitally and printable.
We can also provide Q&A regarding the product and how to qualify a person. Email/phone support will be limited should it be overused repeatedly for the same question.

Some of our shareable marketing assets include:
* Easy to read PDFs with highlights of product
* Dozens of blog postings
* 5 Star Online Reviews
* Drone Videos
* Customer Interview Videos
* Thousands of sample images

We look forward to hearing from interested people who fit the above qualifications and want to get started right away!  Please call 732-677-3736 x101 if you are interested.

Solar Solutions for New Jersey, New York, and Eastern Pennsylvania