I loved working with EcoMen Solar! I shopped around for YEARS looking into getting solar. I had some arrogant people in and out of my home….I ask a lot of questions and not until Ecomen came into my home were all my questions answered….and then some!!!  They explained everything and were excited to do so!!  I’ve had my solar for a couple of years and this summer I had a bill in March and have not had one since, it’s July 20th….I have a growing credit with JCP&L…….oh and my bill in March was $34.26!!!!  My home faces 1 degree off of due south and I do have a large roof line…..we run 2 zone heat/air conditioning, a pool and a hot tub!! The installation process was a pleasure as well….ALL of the workmen were pleasant to work with and they were very neat and respectful of my property! They are very courteous, I am very comfortable with them in my home. High quality work. It has been a pleasure working with them.
Another high quality installation by EcoMen SolarLisa, Jackson NJHomeowner
Ecomen provided a system that offered the best value of all the vendors I checked. The Ecomen Solar team were very professional and a pleasure to work with. They did an excellent installation job. I love the system, it has been installed for about 1 year and is producing even more power than was predicted for the first year.
Oswald, Neptune NJHomeowner
I’ve had such a fabulous experience with this company, that I want to pass the information along to you in the event you are considering buying or leasing a solar system from the guy in Home Depot, Lowes, or the guy that left the business card in your mailbox. People that know me, know that I am a demanding client and a relentless researcher. Generally speaking, solar power does not make economic sense, except when the government is picking up 2/3 of the cost…then it might make enormous sense. I did a tremendous amount of research prior to deciding to invest in a solar array, and then again when deciding on an installer. Ecomen is a family owned and operated firm. Ecomen completed my installation NINE WEEKS from when I signed on the dotted line !. The guys from Home Depot told me it would take at least 6-8 months, and two of my neighbors that had solar installed already waited at least that long. The neighbor just east of me came out and looked on in awe as he saw the crew putting up my panels. He signed up way before me and still has no clue when his installation will be completed. For me, time was of the essence since I wanted the tax credit for last tax year. Ecomen promised and delivered. As important as the speed of installation is the personal attention and communication provided by Ecomen. They kept me up to speed literally every step of the way and responded to my numerous emails within 24 hours…usually much quicker…nights and weekends included. I am not necessarily advocating for solar. Its a personal decision. However if you, like me, are through with ever increasing electicity bills I urge you to consider it since, as stated, the state and federal government collectively are picking up about 2/3 of the cost which in my view makes it a no brainer. What I really wanted to share with you all was the excellent service I got from Ecomen, and to urge you to check them out if you are considering a solar array.
Peter, Staten Island NYHomeowner
I had my solar panels installed in February 2016 by Ecomen Solar. The first thing they noticed was that I needed a new Main Electrical Panel Box. I knew this from when another electrician did work for me. The new service box was installed in a few hours and the wiring inside the box looked like it was done by a machine. Impeccable, Excellent Job. As far as the Panel installation goes I had a few out of the ordinary requests. There crew went out of their way and over and beyond what I would call satisfying a customer. And I only had 12 panels installed. The owner Joe Jr. was on top of everything every bit of the way. A big Thank you to the installers Pete, and Bruce and their helpers. Job well done.
Dan, Staten Island NYHomeowner
Just had our solar system activated on Aug 2, 2016. The fellows who did the work were terrific. Peter showed me how the meter runs backwards when he pulled the switch. I’m very excited. I would (and have already) recommend Ecomen to all. Thanks so much.
Lew, Brooklyn NYHomeowner
This company installed a solar panel system on our roof in July 2011. The job was done in a short time, people showed themselves as a very knowledgeable and eff ective team. The system works flawlessly, covering all our needs in electric power and saving us a lot of money, to say nothing about helping to make our environment cleaner, which we think is very important. Thank you, guys! Great job!
Lyudmila, Monroe NJHomeowner
Went Solar last year with this Company. Owners were great, very professional and friendly. I couldn’t be happier that we went GREEN – it was a great move – Thanks guys!! Betty & Billy Brennan
Betty & Billy Brennan, Manalapan NJHomeowner
EcoMen Solar was easy to work with and knowledgeable about getting the project completed in NYC – a tough place to do any type of construction.  They were pleasant, respectful, courteous and professional.  They were good communicators.  They presented each step accurately and honestly – no surprises.  Their invoices were accurate and easy to understand.  they were patient answering all my questions about the myriad of filings and tax incentives.  Their workers were clean and protected the rest of my home when they brought their equipment through the house.
Howard, Brooklyn NYHomeowner
Totally Awesome!
Joe, Barnegat NJHomeowner
There’s no reason to deal with expensive national companies with high overhead and full of used car salesman collecting commission. I was very happy with my installation by EcoMen Solar. I paid about $1 per installed watt less than the national companies. Ecomen was very responsive. Joe Senior responded to my emails and text messages at all hours of the day. It’s been a year since my installation and I’m glad I went with Ecomen.
Brad, Princeton NJHomeowner
My experience with Ecomen Solar was a very pleasant one. Joe Aurilia spearheaded the project, and everything went as well as it was scheduled. I was particularly impressed with the work ethic of Joe and the electricians, who had to deal with 100 degree temperatures for multiple days. The workers were clean, respectful, and all that one could wish for a job that is as involved as this was. I would gladly recommend (and have tried to recommend) your company. If anyone needs assurance that you are a reputable, ethically sound company, have them contact me.
Mike, Freehold NJHomeowner