Solar Party on EcoMen!


help us get the word out… party’s on us…


We’re thrilled that you went solar with us. It’s funny… no matter how many customers we delight and systems we install, commissioning a new system just never gets old.

Now that you are part of the family, let’s celebrate! We want to offer you a catered “We’ve Gone Solar” party at your home. We’ll bring food and refreshments for up to 10 of your neighbors.



Aside from being cheery and magnetic, you might even get a magic trick from us. We’ll also be there to answer questions about your system and give a 5 minute presentation about our company. Ok ok, we promise we’ll do a magic trick, if you give us those 5 minutes. It just won’t be as cool as the trick we do that changes sunlight into electricity… 🙂


Oh… And if any of your guests go solar with EcoMen, we’ll give you our standard referral fee.


We’ll treat your people right… that’s what we do.

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