Customer Lead Referral Program




EcoMen Solar is proud to announce its new friends and family program. Its probably a little different than you’d expect, but we think you’ll like it.

For a limited time, EcoMen Solar is offering its existing customers (home and businesses which currently have an EcoMen Solar installed solar system) the opportunity to make a few bucks by referring friends and family to us. The goal is to help us grow and spread the word about our company.

Rest assured that we’ll treat your people right… you already know we aren’t into pressure sales – we prefer to respectfully engage and educate homeowners so that they can determine if going solar is right for them.


For each friend or family member who is or might be interested in solar that you refer to us, we’ll give you a $25 Amazon gift card.



Once we meet with them to explain our offer and the EcoMen Advantage, we’ll give them a $25 Amazon gift card.


Pretty simple…


Now, here are some catches, but not many:

1. You know the person, and provide:
   -Phone Number

2. They know that we are going to contact them.

3. They are the head of their household/decision maker and the only person referred to us from that household.

4. They do not live in a co-op, condo, or apartment (we can't install solar on those structures).

5. They are in Staten Island NY, Westchester NY, or NJ.

6. Referrals come from within the EcoMen customer family.

And FINALLY… (this is a big one)…

6. They are actually interested in solar... We don't want to waste their time or ours!


So, think about it… We’re betting you have a couple of friends who could use a nice EcoMen Solar system 🙂

Oh… and by the way, if your referral joins the EcoMen family, you still get our standard referral reward!


3 ways get started…

Call us at 732-677-3736

Email us at

Click the EcoMen Truck