Robust magazine style commentary goes beyond the requisite solar information to tongue in cheek articles, industry observations and consumer feedback.

Freehold, NEW JERSEY – September 20 2018 – EcoMen Solar, a New Jersey based solar company with hundreds of system installations to its credit, has launched a new web presence to address the positive and negative market conditions for solar in New York, Pennsylvania and its home state, New Jersey. The site at, includes a robust blog and commentary section with insights into the policies, consumer perceptions and myths related to solar in the Northeast.

Website visitors will find the kind of in depth solar purchasing information and tips found on reputable solar installer sites. Going beyond the requisite solar information, company owners including Joe Aurilia Jr., offer commentary in their experienced industry perspective to all facets of the industry and consumer experience.

Such articles as Solar is Like a 1980’s Microwave Oven, Dear Real Estate Agents, I am Sorry… Well… Very Sorry and Solar is not an Amazon purchase, Humans Still Need to Communicate offer insights into the state of the industry.

A popular Solar Mythbusters series breaks down fact or fiction for such titles as Solar System Pricing… Potatoes, Tomatoes, Photovoltaics, Solar & Tree Removal, Solar Danger – Toxic Fumes from Burning Solar Modules and Solar Hurts Birds?

Addressing the experience homeowners have had with other, particularly national solar leasing firms, the site’s content carries such titles as Sour On Solar and Solar Is Getting Too Cheap – and Homeowners in New Jersey Are Paying the Price.

The new EcoMen Solar website also looks at the bright side of solar and its benefits with a new series called, the High Fives of Solar. “While going solar can actually be very easy and straightforward, sometimes the way it is explained can make it sound daunting and complex,” explained owner Joe Aurilia, Jr. “After many years of going over the ins and outs of solar with our clients we felt having some easy PDFs with simply stated facts would really help spread the message and make things easier to understand. In our High Fives of Solar series, we select various topics related to solar and boil them down into bullet points.”

EcoMen Solar is a family owned business with a unique blend of construction, technology, design and finance skills. The team has managed well over 2,500 clients and installed and commissioned hundreds of solar panel systems for residential, business and public sector clients.

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EcoMen Solar is committed to providing quality, innovative solar solutions for the residential, commercial, and non-profit markets of New Jersey and New York. We are focused on bringing the financial and environmental benefits of renewable energy to our clients’ homes, businesses, and organizations. Connect with us online at, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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