As the solar finance landscape evolves, savvy homeowners are continuing to move AWAY FROM LEASES and TOWARDS SOLAR LOANS. Why?

1. Better savings
2. Better home resale value because a 3rd party (leasing company) is not involved in the sale. See here.

EcoMen Solar is happy to share that we have terrific news for clients going solar with a Solar Loan.

1. We are now offering Sungage solar loans at reduced interest rates!

2. We have upgraded our STANDARD offer to include a minimum 20 year warranty on inverters!

If you’ve considered going solar in the past but didn’t pull the trigger, now is a great time to re-consider a solar loan. We’ve helped MANY homeowners go solar with loan products – we specialize in helping homeowners get a solid understanding of how solar loans work and why they are superior to leases. AND NOW INTEREST RATES ARE LOWER!


Lower Interest Rate -> Less Interest Paid -> More Savings


We have been admitted to a new rate schedule with Sungage, and this means greater savings for homeowners.

Term (years) Old Rate (%) New Rate (%)
5 5.74 2.99
10 6.49 3.99
15 6.99 4.99
20 7.49 5.99

Also, to allay fears of system ownership, we did away with one of the most cited reasons folks have opted for leases over loans in the past: system equipment warranty. Leased systems have full equipment warranties for the term of the lease. To give our cash and loan purchase homeowners greater peace-of-mind, EcoMen Solar now only installs systems with a minimum of:

  • 25 Year Power Warranty on Panels
  • 20 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Inverter Equipment (25 on optimizers, as applicable)


We know solar loans like the backs of our hands.
Getting started is painless.


Give us a call today!

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