NY-Sun has put together a phenomenally great list of Solar Myths all busted in a single PDF (also walked through on video).

We hope going through this helps to clear the air with those who have doubts in their minds about solar.

They cover all the top ones we receive from potential clients:

  • MYTH: Not Enough Sun
  • MYTH: Solar Always Has High Up-Front Cost
  • MYTH: Technology Will Become Outdated
  • MYTH: Solar Panels Do Not Work in Snow
  • MYTH: The Utility Writes a Check for my Solar
  • MYTH: Solar Harms Local Economies
  • MYTH: Solar Harms Low Income Communities
  • MYTH: Municipalities Benefit by Taxing Solar
  • MYTH: Solar is not Possible in Historic Districts
  • MYTH: Condos/Co-ops Can’t Go Solar
  • MYTH: Solar Arrays Cause Fires
  • MYTH: I Will Not Lose Power in an Outage
  • MYTH: Size of PV Array Determined by Roof Size
  • MYTH: EMF From Solar Panels Cause Cancer
  • MYTH: Solar Has Harmful Environmental Impacts

[pdf-embedder url=”https://ecomensolar.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Solar-Energy-Myths-Final.pdf” title=”Solar Energy Myths Final”]

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