Solar doesn’t suck. There, I said it. And the reason I said it is because that seems to be the feeling on most people’s minds these days.

Whether I am at a networking event, getting a haircut or talking to a neighbor, their initial knowledge of solar focuses on concepts of scams, lying and unhappy friends. Sadly, this is a common belief and its not even remotely close to how solar actually works nor the experiences of people with properly installed solar systems on their home or business.

Let me step back for a second… EcoMen’s team started in the solar industry about 12 years ago and for all that time stuck to these basic principles:

  • Only Sell Systems with Positive Savings
  • Be Honest With Everyone
  • Clearly Share Information
  • Treat Others as We Want to be Treated

We thought this was simple and easy to do. However, over the years many companies with massive marketing budgets have come into the state, robodialed your phone so many times you changed your number and knocked on your door so many times you removed the doorbell and gated your entry.

While this may sound sarcastic, its the plain truth. Instead of communicating what is actual savings and value inherent in the solar offering, solar was made into a race for the largest company profits at the expense of the industry at large.

EcoMen, being a family owned company with a limited marketing budget could not and did not want to participate in such gorilla tactics. We watched as public sentiment degraded and national companies gained accolades for their installation growth. Now, as most of these companies have left the state (or the existence of business all together), EcoMen and the remaining local installers are here to repair their mistakes and then deal with the negative emotions when we communicate with new people.

Solar can and should stand on its own merits and those are very simple: When a home or building is a good candidate for solar then the savings are plentiful and everyone involved will be happy. That is solar in a nutshell and that is how we treat it. We sell clean and we have happy customers. That is EcoMen.

Solar Solutions for New Jersey, New York, and Eastern Pennsylvania