It’s actually pretty interesting that we are so far along in the solar industry, an industry with a large focus on tax incentives and yet CPAs, Accountants and Financial Advisors play such a small role in this area.

Our team took a look at this and came to the conclusion that your professional segment has not been properly introduced to the benefits of solar from the standpoint of its financial benefits come tax time and for anyone looking to save money. These being two of the core reasons people seek out your support in the first place.

As you are a Trusted Advisor to so many clients (both personal and business), we want to share our own knowledge to become your Trusted Advisor when it comes to how solar can be used to save your clients more money.

I promise you this, a short conversation with us will allow you to see not all companies are the same and we have some very solid benefits to share. I look forward to having a conversation with you.

Joe Aurilia, Jr. - Managing Director - EcoMen Solar

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