I’ve had such a fabulous experience with this company, that I want to pass the information along to you in the event you are considering buying or leasing a solar system from the guy in Home Depot, Lowes, or the guy that left the business card in your mailbox. People that know me, know that I am a demanding client and a relentless researcher. Generally speaking, solar power does not make economic sense, except when the government is picking up 2/3 of the cost…then it might make enormous sense. I did a tremendous amount of research prior to deciding to invest in a solar array, and then again when deciding on an installer. Ecomen is a family owned and operated firm. Ecomen completed my installation NINE WEEKS from when I signed on the dotted line !. The guys from Home Depot told me it would take at least 6-8 months, and two of my neighbors that had solar installed already waited at least that long. The neighbor just east of me came out and looked on in awe as he saw the crew putting up my panels. He signed up way before me and still has no clue when his installation will be completed. For me, time was of the essence since I wanted the tax credit for last tax year. Ecomen promised and delivered. As important as the speed of installation is the personal attention and communication provided by Ecomen. They kept me up to speed literally every step of the way and responded to my numerous emails within 24 hours…usually much quicker…nights and weekends included. I am not necessarily advocating for solar. Its a personal decision. However if you, like me, are through with ever increasing electicity bills I urge you to consider it since, as stated, the state and federal government collectively are picking up about 2/3 of the cost which in my view makes it a no brainer. What I really wanted to share with you all was the excellent service I got from Ecomen, and to urge you to check them out if you are considering a solar array.


Homeowner - Staten Island, NY

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