There is no possible way for me too fully express in words how much I love to pay a $2.75 utility bill each month. Like most homeowners, I was burning through $200 – $300 in utility expenses each month. It didn’t matter that I took cold showers or turned off my porch light after 10 p.m. The utility company would still send a bill that made me cringe each time. But then I spoke to the guys at EcoMen. They explained to me how solar works and how installing solar saves money. Their conduct was professional and very caring, so I decided to move forward with them as opposed to any other company I was comparing. Now I’m saving so much money! And I didn’t even have to place a down payment, so I’ve been saving since day one! All thanks to the ease of EcoMen Solar.


Homeowner - Red Bank, NJ

Solar Solutions for New Jersey, New York, and Eastern Pennsylvania

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