Experts say that the the average American needs to save $1 million to enjoy a comfortable retirement. Unfortunately, most of us are behind in our savings. Fortunately, going solar can help us catch up on our retirement investments.

You already know that solar can save you money while helping you go green. But maybe you never thought of solar power as a retirement investment.

Fortunately, lots of financial experts have already run the numbers. The bottom line is that solar is actually a very good retirement investment for just about anybody with a suitable home to put the solar panels on and an electric bill above $100 per month.

Even better, for people in their forties and fifties, solar turns out to be a good way to catch up if you’re behind on your retirement savings.

Five Reasons Solar is a Smart Retirement Investment Strategy
  1. Solar Reduces or Eliminates Your Electric Bill
  2. Solar Protects You from Future Electricity Bill Price Increases
  3. Solar Can Help You Generate More Retirement Income
  4. Solar Can Increase the Value of Your Property
  5. Solar Can Provide Substantial Tax Benefits
Some Things a Solar Panel System Won’t Do
  1. It Will Not Raise Your Property Taxes
  2. It Won’t Create Health Risks
  3. It Will Not Require Long-term Maintenance
  4. It Won’t Cause Damage to Roofs
Five Questions to Ask Your Solar Installer
  1. Are You Presenting Multiple Purchase Options?
  2. What are Your Credentials?
  3. Tell Me About Your Local Experience.
  4. What Should I Expect During the Construction Process?
  5. What are the Job Warranties You Supply?
Five Reasons to Consider EcoMen Solar
  1. Four Decades of Home Improvement Experience to Serve You
  2. Your Local Family Business
  3. Commitment to Ensure Solar is Right for You
  4. Friendly Customer Service
  5. Our Company Values are Focused on Your Satisfaction


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