I loved working with EcoMen Solar! I shopped around for YEARS looking into getting solar. I had some arrogant people in and out of my home….I ask a lot of questions and not until Ecomen came into my home were all my questions answered….and then some!!! They explained everything and were excited to do so!! I’ve had my solar for a couple of years and this summer I had a bill in March and have not had one since, it’s July 20th….I have a growing credit with JCP&L…….oh and my bill in March was $34.26!!!! My home faces 1 degree off of due south and I do have a large roof line…..we run 2 zone heat/air conditioning, a pool and a hot tub!! The installation process was a pleasure as well….ALL of the workmen were pleasant to work with and they were very neat and respectful of my property! They are very courteous, I am very comfortable with them in my home. High quality work. It has been a pleasure working with them.


Homeowner - Jackson, NJ

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