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With the July 4th holiday coming up, maybe you’re looking forward to a day off work, putting some burgers on the grill and watching fireworks with the whole family.

And if you take some time out to think about the meaning behind this holiday, you’ll probably remember the Declaration of Independence that started it all in 1776. Back then, the founders of our country wanted to take control over their own government and economy.

Today, many people in New Jersey and across the country are interested in solar power to deal with the same issues. Here are five of the top ways that going solar can help you gain more independence for your family while helping both your community and the whole country at the same time.

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1. Save Money, Control Your Budget

The top reason by far for our customers in New Jersey to go solar at home or in their small business is to cut their costs for energy. Since prices for solar panels have come down so much in the last few years, while ways to finance solar have gotten better, today many homeowners can qualify to get solar panels with no money down and start saving money from the first month.

Saving hundreds of dollars a year is a big way for families to take control over their budgets. They can plow the savings from solar into ways to get more personal freedom, whether it’s paying off their mortgage early, saving for the kids’ college tuition or affording an extra vacation each year.

2. Help the Environment

Burning fossil fuels, especially natural gas and coal, is the biggest source of electricity from utilities in New Jersey. When you use clean solar power instead of dirty power from your local utility, you’re doing your part to reduce pollution of our air, water and land. Pollution from burning fossil fuels can lead to health problems such as asthma and cancer as well as environmental problems such as climate change and damage to wildlife habitat.

Solar panels today are advanced enough to completely replace dirty energy. Spread out over different countries, it would take an area about the size of the state of West Virginia covered in solar panels to supply the entire world’s energy needs. This would go a long way towards solving the earth’s biggest environmental challenges and when you go solar, you become part of a powerful worldwide solution.

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3. Help Your Neighbors

Maybe you didn’t know that people who use solar power actually create benefits for their neighbors without solar. But it’s true. If you use solar power, not only can it save your neighbors money on their electric bills. Solar power that you produce and sell back to the grid can also reduce power outages in times of high demand.

On a hot summer day when air conditioning use is at its height, the risk of blackouts increases. To keep the power grid running, utilities have to make more power available, fast, either by firing up special “peaker” power plants or else by buying electricity from outside the area on the “spot” power market. Either way, this emergency power can cost 10 or 20 times more than usual, a cost that utilities will pass along to ratepayers.

Fortunately, at these times of high demand — on a hot sunny day in the middle of summer — is exactly when solar power really kicks in. The more people who have solar power, the more extra energy they feed into the grid. And, through New Jersey’s net metering program, utilities can buy solar power from homes and businesses at a much lower cost than they can get emergency power from peaker plants or on the spot electricity market. By reducing the power that utilities must buy or make to meet spikes in demand, solar owners help prevent blackouts and save everybody money on power. Solar on homes and businesses also saves utilities from having to build extra power plants to meet growing demand, which saves ratepayers even more money.

4. Help America Get off of Foreign Oil

By cutting the country’s demand for imported energy, domestic solar power can help move the United States towards energy independence.

When it comes to energy, America has long been dependent on foreign oil. While a small amount of oil comes from allies like Canada, all too often we must import oil from nations that are hostile to American interests or serve as breeding grounds for terrorists, like Saudi Arabia and Iran. Having to protect shipping lanes in the Persian Gulf and fight wars in places with oil or close to oil like Iraq and Afghanistan puts our servicemen and women in danger. That’s why the U.S. military has recognized that it’s a matter of national security to install more solar power.

As more parts of our economy that now rely on liquid fuels are switched over to electricity — especially transportation — solar power can start to replace oil. And that will mean fewer imports and a boost to our national security.

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5. Boost the Economy

Solar is one of the brightest spots in the American economy, adding jobs faster than any other industry. Solar employment expanded last year 17 times faster than the total US economy, according to a report from the International Renewable Energy Agency. Solar jobs have grown so fast over the last few years that there are now more people working in the solar industry than in power plants run by natural gas, coal and oil combined.

In New Jersey alone, the solar industry accounted for 7,106 jobs in 2017 and was one of the state’s fastest growing industries, adding jobs at a rate of 17.3%. By going solar with an installer based in the state, you’re helping to support good jobs in New Jersey that can’t be replaced by robots or outsourced to low-wage countries overseas.

Declare Your Energy Independence

With summer cooling season and high electric bills coming up, the days before and after July 4 are an excellent time to go solar at either your home or your business. Why should you continue to send money every month to your local utility company for dirty energy when you can make your own clean energy with solar panels and save money doing it? You can also help make America stronger and help put our country on the road towards energy independence.

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— Joe Aurilia, Jr, EcoMen Solar

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