Relationships are the lifeblood of any longtime business and solar is no exception. Without getting to know people and build trust the product becomes nothing more than an item for sale similar to an Amazon listing.

Solar should not be demoted to such a product as it takes conversation and coordination to ensure it is successful for the client. And making it successful for the client is the only way we know how to do business! Our 40+ year old home improvement company actually survived with 0 advertising due to continued customer satisfaction and consistently solid work.

Our team has substantial experience in the residential space and working in people’s homes. When it comes to ensuring a turnkey process and the installation of a quality money generating solar system, EcoMen Solar needs to be on your list.

The below PDF helps to provide you with the information needed to refer Homeowners considering solar. Solar will not work for every property and this will help you make some quick judgments on who can be eligible. Please do reach out to us with your referrals as we’d love to have your business and thank you for making the connection once the system is sold.

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