New Jersey homeowners Frank and Lisa Cipully in Jackson Township brought their electric bills down from $800 per month to less than $300 per month with a home solar system they got for no money down. Call EcoMen Solar at 732-SOLAR-NJ.

Frank and Lisa Cipully, along with two cats, two dogs and a mother-in-law, live in a house that uses a lot of electricity.

With five bedrooms and a mother-daughter addition, their home with cathedral ceilings located in Jackson Township comes in at 3,100 square feet. That’s about a third larger than the average-size home in New Jersey, so you’d expect their electric bills to be high. Frank and Lisa also have a pool. So, whether it’s winter or summer, their needs for electricity are above average.

For most of the 21 years that the couple has lived in the home, their electric bills in the highest months would be $600-$800.

Yet, the most recent bill that Lisa got from the local utility, Jersey Central Power and Light (JCP&L), showed a credit balance and included a nice check for $317. Some months, the couple has no bill at all. Their most expensive bill recently was $120, covering the cold days in December, and in recent years, their highest bill has been about $300.

One month they got a bill for just $1.97.

Low bills and no bills are now typical for Frank and Lisa since they hired EcoMen Solar to put a 12.75 kilowatt solar energy system on their roof in 2014.

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Searching for A Trustworthy Solar Installer

“We wanted to save money and go green,” Lisa said when asked why she decided to go solar. “So, we had been looking at solar for a while and talking to different companies.”

Lisa got quotes from two other solar installers doing business in New Jersey before deciding on EcoMen. One of the installers sent a sales rep to their home who seemed impatient about answering questions. Another company’s salesperson sounded pushy over the phone, Lisa said.

Then, Lisa found EcoMen Solar online. After she contacted us, we did a remote analysis of Lisa and Frank’s home to see if it was a likely candidate for a solar energy system. We found that their place had good potential. Then, we went by the couple’s home to see the property in person and talk to Frank and Lisa. We wound up visiting on four separate occasions — and we were happy to do it. We wanted to make sure that everything was clear to Frank and Lisa.

solar installation Jackson Township, NJ

Solar panels installed at Frank and Lisa’s house on time and on schedule.

“They answered all our questions,” Lisa said. “They’re a family-run business and they seem to take their customers very seriously. They explained our options for equipment and did a quick financial analysis. They worked with us on everything. It was a great experience from start to finish.”

Frank added that he found the process of planning and installing the solar panels on the couple’s roof to be efficient and hassle free.

“They got here when they said they’d be here and they finished when they said they’d finish,” Frank said. “Once the panels were installed and working, they made as much power as the company promised, and sometimes even more.”

Planning to Move But Went Solar Anyway

When they both retire in a few years, Frank and Lisa are planning to move out of state, to somewhere with a slower pace of living where they can travel more, do more gardening and spend more time with their grandkids. When they do move, they plan to build a new custom home that’s completely eco-friendly and energy efficient. And after their positive experience with solar over the last few years, the house will certainly include solar panels.

Yet, even though they were only planning to stay in their current home for a few more years, Lisa and Frank still decided that going solar was a good investment. After learning about their financing options from EcoMen, the couple settled on a solar equipment lease.

“We decided we weren’t going to be in the house much longer so we decided to lease the system,” Lisa said.

Leasing allowed Frank and Lisa to go solar at home with no money down and to save money every month. “Not a penny came out of our pocket.”

When they do sell their house, the new owners will have the choice to assume the solar lease, an option that more and more home buyers in New Jersey are starting to find appealing.

[Get honest advice on whether solar is right for you — request a free quote from EcoMen Solar]

“Impeccable” Service

NABCEP Jason Cascio

EcoMen’s Jason Cascio, who has earned the prestigious NABCEP certification, made sure everything went smoothly before and after Frank and Lisa’s solar installation.

With no moving parts, a solar energy system requires little maintenance and can operate worry-free for decades. But occasionally an issue does come up. That’s where the level of service offered by a solar installer can make a big difference. Unfortunately, too many installers in New Jersey fail to respond in a timely way to customers once a solar system is installed.

That’s why I’m especially pleased that Lisa’s experience with EcoMen’s service has been a good one.

Soon after the system went live there was an issue with the energy monitoring system. “EcoMen actually picked up on that from their end before we even noticed it. They contacted us about it and then fixed it the very next day. Their service has been impeccable,” Lisa said.

Saving thousands of dollars a year on their electric bills has made solar worthwhile, Lisa said. But she’s also glad that she and Frank were able to do something for the environment. And the couple is proud to show off their solar energy system to their neighbors.

“We talk about it all the time,” Frank said. “I’ll be out front mowing the lawn and someone will drive by and see our solar panels. Then they’ll ask me about solar. I always tell them that they should do it, as long as it’s with the right solar company.”

I’m honored that Frank and Lisa trusted us with their business and allowed us to install a solar energy system at their home. We pride ourselves on our quality and our service. We’ll only recommend solar for your place if we know that you can save money right from the beginning.

Is solar right for you? Can you save as much money as Frank and Lisa have?

As with any solar system, your mileage may vary, as they say on the car ads. Our goal is to make sure our customers save as much money as possible.

Contact EcoMen Solar for a free quote and we’ll be happy to give you straight talk about whether solar will work for you. There’s no cost, no obligation and never any pressure or hype. If you trust us to help you go solar, we want to make sure you’ll be as happy with your solar energy system as Lisa and Frank have been. That’s a promise.

— Joe Aurilia, Jr., EcoMen Solar

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