Is Solar Right For Me

Schedule a Consultation The decision to go solar is simplified when you know the facts

EcoMen Solar goes the extra mile to ensure that you are equipped with the information you need to comfortably make a decision on your future with solar

There are three main considerations

1) The suitability of your property for solar
2) The financial/ownership arrangement of the system
3) The system's long-term return on investment

We'll help you navigate the decision process, helping you weigh pros and cons and get to the option that will maximize your return

Arrangements For Going Solar
Guideline 1 If you plan to be at your location for only 3-5 years


You are not positioned for a large up-front investment
Solar As A Service

$0/Low Money Down options available
Guideline 2 If you plan to be at your location for more than 10 years


You want to minimize the up-front investment
Purchase With Loan

Excellent long term return with minimal investment
Guideline 3 If you plan to be at your location for more than 7 years


You are positioned for a larger up-front investment
Purchase Outright

Maximal long term return on investment

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