Is My Property Suitable For Solar?

Array Orientation and Efficiency Good candidates have roof area or land with the following characteristics:
  • obstruction-free area with southern exposure
  • free and clear views to the southern sky with minimal shading obstructions such as trees or man-made structures
EcoMen Solar can help remediate your site by removing trees and relocating roof obstructions like vents and attic fans.

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The orientation of your property does not need to be perfect for it to be a candidate for solar

Roof surfaces with orientations of 45 degrees off south still receive more than 92% of what an optimally oriented roof would receive and roof surfaces with East-West orientations receive more than 74% of what an optimally oriented roof would receive.

Tree shading is often the largest detractor of system performance

Tree trimming and/or removal is often the most effective strategy for increasing system yield.

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